2020 Svartpilen 401 Bag Mounting

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    Hi All,


    Last week I picked up a new Svartpilen from my local dealership. So far, it’s been great.


    Among the first things I’ve done (aside from ride it!) is buy some accessories.

    So I picked up a Tank bag Kit (28012919044), Rear bag Kit(28512027000), side mirror(21012940000) and some other odds and ends.

    With all this, I’ve a few notes for those buying and a question I hope someone can answer.

    1. The side mirror, Bar end mirror.  It works great in traffic (Lots of aggressive Suburbans near me) for a good look at how close the person behind me is willing to get. Mounting, I found that the inserts it came with to mount in the bar don’t really work well as they’re too long even with the captive threaded block the weights attach to removed. I ended up adjusting to where I wanted it and then mounting with the original screw to the threaded block.


    2. The tank bag- It seems that the 2020 tank rack comes with magnetic inserts per-installed. Though it looks like it’s to receive something additional.  I tried to attach the plates that came with the bag but the holes on the rack don’t really align with the inserts.

    So, I’ve been using it straight on the factory rack. It seems to be fine, I’ve been up to 40MPH with it so far.


    3. The rear bag- I’m hoping someone can help me out here as I can’t figure out how this is supposed to fit. I relied on the HV catalog when ordering and it’s doing me dirty.

    It seems the attachment points don’t mount to the frame as the turn signals interfere with placement. The holes line up, but that’s about it. I can’t see how it would work on here.

    Has anyone experience with this?




    I think most of the accessories from Husky are for the 18’s and 19’s.  Everything from the handle bar ends, tank rack, seat, and rear tail portion is different.

    So until they release 2020+ specific items, going with the aftermarket non Husky stuff was my solution.

    I bought some RhinoMoto bar ends that thread nicely into the OEM handlebars so I could mount bar end mirrors

    390 Duke/RC390 Mirror Mounts

    For a magnetic tank bag, I went with a Nelson Rigg magnetic bag that fits perfectly on the 2020 tank rack plates.

    And for the rear tail bag, I’m using one of these


    Hey Dan,



    Thanks for that. I have to look into those mirror mounts.


    After spending some time with it all, I’ve managed a few solutions-


    The husky tank bag seems to work fine without drilling and inserts. The factory rack seems to be magnetic


    The rear bag will work if one is interested in a little modification Rear Rack spacers

    I added some aluminum spacers from Mcmaster-Carr to create clearance below the turn signal. (yes, I clear the rear tire still) Some long bolts are called for.






    Hey NJZack I’m looking to get a Svartpilen in the next few weeks, does it look like the OEM tankbag is compatible with the 2020/2021 401 Svartpilens?

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