2020 Svart from Australia

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    Hi everyone,

    Picked up the 2020 401 late last year. Very fun little bike, loving it. Have done a few things, just aesthetics mostly:

    Levers, mirrors, radiator guard, slip on, just finised the diy fender eliminator, few details like reistration plate surround, repainted a few plasticky parts.

    I was a bit skeptical on the little 401 at first, mainly because I had a RC390 a few years ago and it had a few niggling problems i did not like…like randomly stalling, rattly fairings and horrible service department where I bought the bike. I promised myself KTM never again, and here we are haha.

    I am fan of all bikes, big and small love them all. In the past, have had Z1000, cbr’s, grom and Z125, mt09 and so on.

    Anyway, here are some pictures of the silver arrow:




    Registration plate bracket detailthese forums for tips and tech info. Its a very knowlegeable community here, thanks to you all. I hope I can contribute to it.


    Thanks, have a great day!



    Bike looks great!! Can I ask what mirrors you got on there/ is visibility good or better than stock? I’m looking for an alternative to bar end mirrors!!



    Hi, they are a generic pair of CNC aluminium mirrors.

    Think they were around $50aud delivered.

    Decent quality, solid and doesnt doesnt vibrate.


    Im sure you can find same ones from a local seller.

    Adjusted to the correct position, they are similar to or just a little bit worse than the stock ones visibility wise. Imo much better than bar ends in that you dont have to take your eyes off the road nearly as much. Plus i filter a lot and bar end ones just arent as great for that.

    I was going for this look:



    AvatarBen van D

    Well that is interesting, the shot of the bike you were hoping to emulate the look of with those rectangular mirrors actually has Rizoma mirrors. I actually just fitted this exact mirror to my 401. Got them from Carpi Moto in Italy. They are pricey but the quality is very good and they went on easily. Once you adjust them properly they do work well and the rear view is much better than the stock mirrors. The mirrors are small but show more than enough what is happening behind.

    They do look cool. Very happy with them401 with Rizoma Mirrors

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    Very nice Ben van D. Rizoma does make good stuff but are pricey.






    Hi Wilfumi,

    Where did you get this fender eliminator ? Looks like what I need !

    Thank you



    sorry for the late reply,


    Its just a generic cnc fender eliminator. I made a little T bracket and mounted the elminator on that, then the bracket mounts on to the bike.


    The fender elimator cost i think something like 40 dollars au.

    Just ebay it there are a heap of them


    Hello; I am interested, if I may to ask you, the way that you fastened the tail tidy to the bike. Seems that you used a holed spacer? I mean; into the plastic “tube” that the bike has. Did you used a larger bolt? Is it possible to let the grab rail there?

    Vibrates too much? (the other day I was seeing that the horn vibrates a lot)



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    Hi reverb,


    Sorry for the late reply, i havent been on the forums much I apologise.



    I used 2 of these as spacers for the plastic holes. Perfect fit and the bolts the came with them works too. Were likea couple of dollars each.

    The grab rail im not too sure sorry, but dont see how they would be affected.

    As far as i can tell its rock solid, no vibrations.




    I’ve done a few bits to the bike mainly a new mirror set up. Will post up some updated pics shortly!



    Here are some pics of the new mirror set up. Basically used some bits and pieces from other mirrors i jad laying around and mounted them off of the handlebar brace mounting point:


    Also did the DIY rear peg delete:

    Got some new bar ends to narrow it all down (narrower the better as do ride in traffic and filter):


    And a better pic of the tail tidy set up as there has been a few questions about it. By no means at all is it the ‘professional’ but is neat and tidy and does the job with no welding required.


    Hi all, a few more dress-up bits added to the 401:

    Replaced the DIY version with a proper peg delete bracket.

    I dislike exposed radiator cap, so i got a nice looking andoised one:


    Puig style pegs with rubber insert


    Got these frame panels to block out all that tangled mess of wires and hoses in the frame. Im  withsooo happy this. The messy lines and cables are one of the worst things I dislike about my 401 and for me this improves things so much I love it:

    Also i put on heavier bar ends. Dont believe them when they say the bar ends on the 390/401 dont dont make a difference.




    I’m interested by the frame panels, where did you get these?


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