2019 Vitpilen 401 from Bavaria

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    Hi guys!

    I’m new here, come from the beautiful Bavaria in Germany and since last week I am a proud Vitpilen 401 owner.

    For lack of garage, the little Husky must stand during the winter time in the living room. A bit crazy, but I think it’s great.

    So far, the mirrors have been replaced and the license plate holder removed.

    Best regards,



    Whaddaya mean – crzy? I wanted to do the same (apartment building) and they yelled at me. For Canadians to yell, you know you were doing something off.

    So good job on keeping her there!!

    Awesome setup too!


    niiiice… looking good inside the house!! 🙂

    Onex Kety Khvichia

    Hello I am new here , may be its not topic for this chat but i purchased some items in shop but did not receive tracking , there is no help option here , can anybody help?


    soo niceeeee 🙂


    Thanks a lot guys, glad to hear it. Had almost forgotten the forum, because so long no answer came.

    The white arrow is now of course moved out of the house and yesterday also got a new exhaust. Here are a few snapshots:


    There is a before/after video of the exhaust here:

    I also mounted a side license plate holder because I like it much better than the holders under the seat. Small white turn signals have also migrated to the rear.

    Now my 401 looks exactly the way I wanted it to.


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