2019 Svart 701- Quickshifter?

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    Hey Guys,

    New owner of the 2019 Svart 701 and I am in love. Picked her up today, brand new and with the 2500 rebate I got it out the door for $6500!

    Question though, is it possible/ reasonable price to update and add a quickshifter to the 2019? Not a bike mechanic myself so I am unsure what goes into such a mod.

    A number of other things I’m interested to know is whats a slightly throatier exhaust you can recommend down the road and when changing it should I lose the Cat for sure or just throw the slip on? I love the lines and even the stock exhaust has a nice aesthetic.



    Max KoolMax Kool

    A Svartpilen 701 comes stock with a quickshifter, up and down.

    If you want to go louder you may want to keep the cat in place. It’s not a power robber but in fact produces the most midrange of most exhausts available. Just buy a slipon with a removable db killer.

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    Thanks Max! I see you on a lot of threads and are pretty active. Quick question if you don’t mind-

    That ABS Failure error flash happened for a second today while riding in- searching through here the last couple days I’ve seen some people talk about this. In my mind- I just bought a brand new bike, everything seems perfectly fine, this doesn’t seem legit to me and bikes do weird things sometimes(one day my Vstar wouldn’t shut off lol, not even when the key was out of it)

    You have a recommendation?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    I wish I could be of more advice than: report this to your dealer. It could be as simple as a connector, adjusting the ABS sensor slightly closer to the tone-ring. Or the tone ring has a dent in it (just thinking out loud). Or simply a weak battery.

    All I know is some bikes have weird electronic problems/glitches. I’ve had a check engine light a few times after I got mine, but it went away and never returned in 4000 miles…


    Thanks Max,


    I have to go back in a few weeks to have them install the new tank due to the recall as well as my first service. I’ll monitor this for now and bring it up when I get there.


    Wait. Why have they been sitting on that recall? It’s been a few years.

    I got a 2019 Svart 701 a few months back. The battery was garbage and I got all kinds of strange electrical notifications until I switched it.

    The Husky site says the recall was taken care of on my VIN but I’m definitely not getting 80 miles a tank. How can you tell you need the recall? The dealer I bought it from was shady.


    …I cannot resist to comment on your thread man; 6500 Dollars! is a steal! a 2019 (20) is 16000D here and the new model (20/21) 17000! (I think is too much for a single cylinder)

    Could be that was a “problematic” batch?

    2020 (21) 401 cost 8200D here.

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