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    This will simply be a dump of the changes I’ve noticed between my 2018 Vit and my 2020 Vit as well as the issues and experienced I’ve had with both.

    2018 Vitpilen 401 purchased new 6/22/19
    Tail section bolts fell out – 2 x 69013076000, 2 x 83004046050
    620 mile service – oil change, lash check – exhaust out, intake fine
    2,700 miles – OEM rear tire shot, showing cord in center, replaced with M7
    7/11/2020 – 3,777 miles, early oil change, annual
    9/13/2020 – 4500 miles, lash checked again, ex out, in OK
    9/19/2020 – 5,000 miles, traded in
    Front wheel was always slightly bent/out of round

    2020 Vitpilen 401 purchased new 9/19/2020
    Neutral very hard to find since new
    Clutchless shifting is RAD, both up and down
    Side stand, must move peg out of way
    Hardware, no more Torx, seems cheapish compared to 2018
    Blue Sharpie on all inspection points – dealer?
    100-200 miles:
    several false neutrals going from 3-2nd gear then BANG neutral
    4-5-4 shifts intermittent
    clutch noise when lever pulled in
    Once – display randomly reset miles/time, clock reset also
    Once – display stopped responding to reset by human
    200+ miles
    clutch started to slip in low gears, loosened cable, seems OK now
    Display acting up – no lower display on start (DTE, time, etc.) turning off and back on fixed


    Parts that transferred over:
    MMNTHX Frame sliders
    MMNTHX Steering stem Ram mount
    KTM USB Charger
    Amazon Bar end mirrors* (* bars now have welded in plug/bung/bolt)
    Amazon “CNC” Brake levers

    Parts that do NOT transfer:
    Mid pipe

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    basic insurance cash in case of stolen without  mods

    2018-2019 = 7200

    2020 = 6200




    Oh nice! Good data point. I noticed my premium for the 2020 was considerably higher than the 2018.

    Display acted up again this AM:
    Display failure

    A quick key cycle and it was back:
    Display failure 2



    Header has to be loosened/removed to get to last oil filter

    Oil changed early (586 miles) and OH BOY….. see pictures


    The gold flecks of metal may be from the gearbox. Any chance you can get your old 401 back?


    I was thinking/hoping clutch, and naw….. it’s traded in and long gone at this point.


    Looks like they emptied the dust bin into the engine in India

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