1st service- Looking for certified mechanic in LA

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    Hi hi…

    Ill be doing some research tomorrow but also want to introduce myself at the same time.

    Got my svart 401 a couple weeks ago as a daily and I’m fast approaching the first service. My dealer is far in San Bernardino so I’m wondering if anyone knows any in the LA/Pasadena area.

    I commute 30-40 miles most of which are on the freeway. So far no major issues.

    Minor concerns.

    1. Slight valve tick but not sure if it’s normal since the bike was brand new and hasn’t been broken in completely. Hasn’t gotten louder.

    Has anyone noticed?

    Compared to my old X challenge this bike is smooth as silk as extremely quite.

    2. I’ve also experienced the bike suddenly shutting off as I was cruising to a red light. I don’t remember if the clutch lever was engaged. Could be a user error as the engine bogged down. Only happened twice. Noted as a minor issue.

    On my old X challenge this happened from time to time as well. Could be a single engine thing. Wish I knew.

    Anyway, I will be lingering here. Nice to meet you all.





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