Reply To: Plasti Dipped Pearl White Rear Fairings


What brand plasti-dip did you use? Is matte black available with your brand? I’ve google searched with various results.

One of the features that I liked about the bike was its matte finish on the white side panels but now that I’ve swapped out my body panels, I’m left with no matte surfaces…everything is glossy and I think I’d like to plasti-dip the rear, as you did, but only in black.

I know the SvartPilen’s rear panels are matte black but those parts aren’t available for purchase at the moment. Plus the model’s badging is buried under a thick coat of clear matte paint, so I would have a Vitpilen with Svartpilen logos =-/

I’ve looked closely at your photos and I can see where the rear 401 stickers are slightly elevated from the surface. I was hoping that the plasti-dip would smooth out that area but surely it will only be emphasized in black. Perhaps the solution would be to have vinyl logos made and applied over the plasti-dipped logos.