Reply To: Formal Attire


Thanks for the comments. The day became mostly overcast so I grabbed the camera and took advantage of the naturally diffused lighting.

You can order the rear stand online from Harbor Freight Tools or pick it up at one of their stores for $32.99. I bought mine locally but it was slightly bent in three different directions so I had them mark it down to $25.00…they’ll do that if you ask:

They have a beefed-up version (online only) for a few extra bucks but I thought it would appear too busy and distracting for photos:

The license plate holder is temporary…it’s a cheapo from Ebay. It’s secured by the rear axle nut and fits flush within the swingarm’s channel:

I will eventually move the license plate to the other side of the swingarm by using the fender and chainguard mounting lugs as shown on some of the initial concept images of the Svart. I just have to find time to draw it up and locate a plasma cutter nearby that I can work with.