Reply To: Yamaha R6 Mono Shock Mod


This is an area of this bike that needs serious attention. I’ve searched relentlessly, looking for a mono-shock alternative with little more results than the Ohlins. Side Note: I’m sure the Ohlins is a great product but I’m not heading to the track anytime soon and I think it’s a little too much performance (and ca$h) for my riding style.

So, did the R6 shock change the overall seat-height? I can clearly see its external adjustment points but is it internally adjustable?

Also, would you say that if the catalytic converter was out of the way, the R6 shock would fit right-side-up without having to cut away at the swingarm? My concern would be clearance up top for the external reservoir.

I haven’t read the RC390 thread yet but many thanks for posting the link and kudos to you for thinking outside the box and taking chances.