Reply To: Cat Delete/Exhaust Replacement


“Love it can you post a few pics of the total side profile as well ? How does it sound/run now?”

It’s definitely louder and sounds a little deeper. The throttle is clearly more responsive and it seems to have gained a little more power…that last part might just be my imagination though.

I’m still running the stock muffler so unless you know what to look for, it looks totally stock from the side…I’ll get a few profile pics up soon.

“Does it affect the “not legal” display on the ECU? Or give you a check engine light?”

Not sure what the “not legal” display looks like so I guess the answer is no, however, I have seen the “Check Engine” light come on but only momentarily and it shut off almost immediately…I’ll monitor it closely and keep you posted.

What I have noticed is that it appears to be running more rich. Not so much in the sense of performance but only because I can smell fuel…predominately upon initial start-up. I’m assuming that the role of the cat is to retain the un-burnt fuel and burn up whatever wasn’t consumed. And now that it’s gone, I’m guessing that’s what I’m smelling…not quite sure how it works though :-/