Reply To: First maintenance



Hi All, just wanted to give some info. I took some time off work and got my miles in to get the first service out of the way. Unfortunately, I ended up getting a friggin nail in my back tire 🙁 I had to get the Vit towed to a dealer that I got my Ducati from and they fixed it. (I had to strap the tow truck straps to the lattice frame and tie her down, I hope that didn’t hurt anything on her) I’m super anal… Do you guys think that was a good strap point? Anyway, I wanted to give an update on my first service. Once I got the tire fixed I was able to complete my 620 miles and took my Vit into the dealer that I got her from. The service was 450 bucks, took about 5 hrs and involved a valve check and adjustment. The tech found an exhaust valve out of spec so he shimmed that, etc. I’m not sure if its just in my head but the Vit seemed to feel ALOT better once the service was done, smoother or something. Anyway just some info for you guys, Enjoy!