Reply To: First maintenance


I have a svartpilen, but this forum seems a lot more active so I am posting here as I’m sure they’re really pretty much the same. I have a few questions. I think my bike has a couple issues, though it’s my first bike, so maybe they’re normal? But I guess my question is more general: how does the warranty work? Do I need to get my service done at all the correct intervals at the dealership for the warranty to be valid in the future? I know I need to pay for service, of course, but what is covered under warranty?

Ok, now maybe someone can help me diagnose my problems or let me know if they have something similar. The first issue is that when the gas tank is 70% to completely full, when the bike stops sudden or goes over hills (or if I shake it or something like that) then it makes a really strange sound which seems to come from the gas tank. It is not just gas sloshing around, but something else as well. Maybe it is related to the suspension? At any rate, as the gas depletes, the sound goes away more and more. I was able to take a video of this sound:

The second issue is that a metallic clicky/rattling sound from the engine usually when i’m in lower gear and/or when I have disengaged the clutch (though possibly this is just because it’s not as loud so i can hear it). Sorry I haven’t figured a way to take a video of this yet. I actually took the bike up to the dealership and they confirmed the sound but said it didn’t sound like anything that was damaging and so to wait until the first service and mention it then. (I didn’t know about the first issue yet as I’d never filled the bike up with gas yet at that point.)

I’m 350 miles in, so still a ways to go until the service. Does anyone have any advice? If people think I should delete this post and put it in a new post instead, I’m happy to do that.