Reply To: Available Parts & Accessories


A universal tail tidy will probably work fine.

The good thing is there are 4 fixing points to attach the new tail tidy already built into the tail of the bike – you just pop out the black covers to expose them (Red arrow ‘A’).  The Pillion seat is easy to remove, you take off the riders seat then pull back and wiggle the pillion seat off (Green arrow ‘B’).  The current rear plate and light assembly is also easy to remove, you take off the axle nut (32mm socket) and using Hex keys dismantle and release the cabling for the number plate light and rear indicators and I re-routed (very very easily) inside the frame and up under the rider / pillion seat (yellow arrow).  You will need a new axle / chain tensioner as the original assembly has it built in, the correct part number (KTM) is 60010084000 “Chain Tensioner R/S LC8” – (arrow ‘C’) – cost me £11.