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Insurance company told me today that the “refund of the buying price for up to 24 months old vehicles” clause applies only for cars, not motorcycles.

Stolen motorcycles will see only a refund of the value the bike had at the time being stolen or rather the amount a used bike of the same type, age and condition can be found for sale today. And there probably will not be a total refund of accessories fitted although I kept all the bills.

Well, while this is not very good news I still found a dealer selling new/0 km 2018 Vitpilen 401s for 4.800 Euros as a special deal until May 15th which is 900 Euros off the price I paid for my bike last September. Downside of the deal is the location of the dealer about 600 kms away which requires shipping the bike to my place at an extra cost of 200 Euros.

So I´m going to put down a deposit to secure that deal and keep my fingers crossed for the insurance company to fork out some acceptable money leaving me at break-even with the refund compared to the price of replacing the bike as it was in order to not end up in a lawsuit with them.

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