Reply To: 2019 vitpilen 401


Production is going to India (largest market for 1 cylinders bikes).  Better say “has gone to India”. Sorry, no insider, cannot tell You which production date is sourced from.

What I believe:

KTM acquired Husqvarna because BMW wanted to get rid off; it was fairly priced and Husqvarna (like KTM) have a good name in off-road-racing (Trial). Some synergies expected…

Husqvarna had – without rare exemptions – never an history of street bikes. Neither has KTM – they are always assiocated with “dirt and mud”. But the SuperDukes led KTM to a new market – real street fighters…

But a “street bike from KTM” would have been a bit “vague”; and competition is high (Japanese, Italian, German, and else).

Building the Svartpilen and the Vitpilen was easy. All based on KTM successful models. Same mechanics, different optics – and a surcharge of 20% for the “great history” of Husqvarna…

I would have bought a KTM 390 Duke, looking for an lightweighted, easy ride. But at the age of 58, I couldn’t stand orange wheels and “graffiti tanks”.

I would have left KTM dealer after test-riding the Duke, because it was very convincing, but not my “style”. I told that the salesperson, and he said: ” Comeback in a fortnight, we have the same bike in a more “retro version”. And so it came I bought my Husky 401.

Have to admit, the brand “Husqvarna” is very strong within motorbikers (like Triumph or Indian). I am proud of riding a Husky, although worldwide the name is now more narrow to movers than to bikes…

What I didn’t get – being in marketing ever since:

U built a great and easy to ride motorbike, with a great name and a good price tag. U built it “retro”, with wire wheels, and modern optics of a scrambler (my other option was a Ducati Scrambler, but with the height of 6.4, U cannot ride that bike). What I didn’t get – “retro bikes” are made for the elder biker generation, who dreamt or had a Kawasaki Z 650 or a Honda CB 750 Four, not to talk of an early Triumph Bonneville or even a Vincent Black Shadow…

Aged bikers know that the weather can change – they don’t leave home without a rain jacket. But where to store? Picking that bike was easy, but making it “all-day-proof”, has been a journey of months. I hopefully made the right decisions now, but it was a way too long journey.

KTM, excellent concept, badly executed. How many of the 200 Euros “street shoes” of the collection U sold? 1 or 2? 🙂