Reply To: Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal


Mahalo @tattoorichie 🤙

I actually bought the ABM setup but cancelled my order after finidng these parts .keep in mind that the tree on the ABM is quite handsome in all black. The svart is silver w black risers. I spoke to the ABM people at length and they said they haven’t really sold any, for guidance or history.

I did purchase the svart clutch cable and shipped to me but never needed it. Just have to be creative with routing all the lines.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>The look: meh– black taper bars would look sweet, I might get some. Alternatively they do have clipon style bars that mount on risers. Was seriously debating on using those.</p>
The feel: Night & Day! SO COMFORTABLE now .no pressure at all on my wrists and moving up & back 3″ repositions your knees up and forward a bit. These coupled together are a recipe for a much nicer quality of life on the road .

Like a lot of dummies I bought before testing out (doesn’t help that I’m on an island and only 1 was brought in) and knew immediately that position of my neck and weight on my hands/wrists was not going to work. For me it was either fix it or sell it.

ll in all I’m quite happy with this setup. I’m older’ish (48) so maybe if I was 25 again I’d of left it alone.

Will take more pics to post now that its daylight.


Aloha, Eric