Reply To: Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal



it is always great to see it work out correctly.  Right on!


I am thinking of doing the same think if I don’t go ABM kit. The fact the it is 600 dollars or roughly 10 percent of the bikes already new inflated cost price just does not feel quite right. Granted, it would not change the way I live but really 600 for handlebar swap


so kind sir

I like many others are leaning towards the svart conversion on the vitpilen bar swap.


Question, did the clutch cable fit on you bar choice or did you order a longer cable from KTM parts.

I think I will go with a bar of pro taper or similar fat bars for the svarts clamp area and 7/8 on the controls of course so I will not have to fit spacers. I think the stock husky svart bars are too tall and I would lose the cafe look at least in degrees to the scrambler sense of style. Thoughts on that.

lastly how does it feel.  Does it take away the back or hand strain on the palms of the hands from the stock slide in bars.

thanks for information!