Reply To: Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal



GOOD- installed the svartpilen triple tree and risers and it look(ed) awesome .

BAD-perfect fit but the throttle wire assembly won’t come close to reaching; same thing with the front brake line .

UGLY- I put everything back to stock but now the forks/bars won’t turn to the right. Bike is not rideable stops and locks almost like the steering lock is blocking it .The steering lock is retracted and not locked. The center stem is getting hung up somehow when I removed the cinch nut (notched) it will turn but it pushes the stem up popping the steering head bearing out .

Anyone have any clue as to why it’s binding? Brand New like 120 miles brand new . Does the front end need to be suspended before tightening the center


PS- First rule of working on a brand new bike: do no harm which evedeny I did somehow .

Any ideas?