Reply To: Svartpilen 401 Handlebar diameter?


Brian, how much did the suspension adjustments cost you? Shock, forks?

Also, I thought I’d post my handlebar things here as well, as it’s a handlebar thread and I’d like to keep the information consolidated. If I shouldn’t, someone please let me know.


So, yeah, basically our bars at the clamp are 1″ just like Harley bikes, but taper down to 7/8″ for the controls.

Kuryakyn (really popular cruiser accessories) makes a bar adapter (spacer) that allows for 1″ accessories to clamp onto 7/8″ inch bars. I thought I’d use a couple to clamp a 7/8″ bar to our 1″ clamps. My thinking was that this allows us to use any 7/8″ bars available.

I ended up getting the Renthal Raptor (607-01) bars. These gave a high rise, decent sweep, and enough room for the controls. I ended up cutting off about a 1/2″ off of each side of the bars as the width didn’t allow for the cables to be relaxed and I didn’t want to mess with cable routing.

I think they’re great so far, the position is more upright for me instead of sporty. I did drill the bars to fit the controls as they both have pegs and I didn’t want to grind the pegs off. I’ve done that before and, even with grip tape, the controls would slide around.

As a side note, Yamaha mirrors fit. I got WR250 mirrors, but they’re smaller and don’t allow for greater visibility. I find myself twisting when I use them. Shame because I think they look great.

Kuryakyn adapter (comes with one, I bought two):

Renthal Raptor bars: