Reply To: Clutch issue


Hi. After retrieving my Vitpilen 701, yesterday after 6 months of winter storage, I experienced that the clutch did not work as normal. 701 would not go in neutral when I was going down before the traffic lights. I had to stop and force it out of gear. When I started up again from N and had to put it in 1st gear, it jumped and stopped despite the clutch being inside.
I tried, after reading up on how to bleed out the clutch and how this would be done, that it just “ran” the Dot 4 oil right through the clutch. No leakage, although it seemed that the clutch worked when I pressed it in, the oil from the small scaled on the handlebars disappeared. I refilled this 6 times before I just had to give up. This morning I tried to drive it a little, then the clutch worked for about 10 minutes before the same problem happened.
It seems like this is a common problem on Vitpilen 701 (2018 mod).