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Thanks for your moral support. But I don´t think I will get it back. I called the dealership yesterday to have the VIN registered in their system so there will be given a notification that the bike is stolen when someone brings it up to a German dealership. Unfortunately this system is restricted to Germany only.

The guy from the dealership confirmed my suspicion – most bikes stolen in this part of Germany are brought off to the Netherlands, the border is only about 60 kilometers from here and you´ll be there in about 30 minutes via Autobahn.

Theft has been reported to the insurance company, fingers crossed that they will refund the full price incl. parts. There is a deadline of one month for them to pay in order to give the police some time for investigations first.

Another thing that I´m a bit suspicious about is that the thieve(s) might have used this forum to get information about where to find the bike since I posted pictures showing my registration plate and maybe there has also been some hidden geotracking information included in the pictures.

Anyway, the next bike and also my storage place will definetely have some anti-theft features.

Steven, I´ll get back to you for a new lens shield then, too.


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