Reply To: Tidy tail plus


Great pics, Brian. I was thinking about the tail tidy, and wondered if there was some way we could just bolt the OEM plate/signals holder to the bottom of the tail. It looks like it kind of fits, but I haven’t had time to check.

If you still have yours, do you think something like that would work?

I’m thinking there may be some slight modification necessary, but I don’t know. Maybe if someone could fabricate a bracket kind of like the one on the swingarm, only smaller and utilizes the passenger grab bar mounts to attach to the OEM plate holder.

If not, then drill some holes into the OEM plate holder and secure it to the grab bar mounts using longer bolts/spacers.

If this would work, we wouldn’t need to do much with the wires other than re-route to above the swingarm, under the tail.