Reply To: Stalling In 1st After Downshifting


Little update here for me:


Rode home from work, experienced a couple times where it died downshifting.

After a few more miles, the clutch would not engage(disengage) all the way while stopped and bike in gear, nor could I put the bike in neutral.  Sort of had to father clutch, throttle and brake to keep going.  Only a few miles from home as well, so ended up making it home.

Once I got home, I noticed that the clutch fluid reservoir was nearly empty as well.  Noticed none donw the side of the chin fairing or anywhere else so that is perplexing.

Loaded bike up on trailer and took it to nearest husky dealer (fortunately only an hour away) on Saturday.

While there, we noticed a lot of oil on the bottom of the jug too; I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out where it came from because they said they would handle it.


168 miles so far.  Not impressed uhg.