Reply To: German 401


I´m more than gutted to announce that my Vitpilen obviously has been professionally stolen from its hidden parking spot in a condominium parking garage. First registered on September 18th 2018, done around 500 km by now.

The bike has been locked in to my car parking space next to my car by 5cm distance. The steering lock of the bike has been engaged and the bike was covered by a floortouching olive green dust cover. So no one would have been able to see what bike was hidden under the cover. Someone must have observed me and the bike´s parking spot.

Anyway report to the police has been done – but don´t expect anything at all from their engagement or rather so called investigations. The bike most probably has been been brought abroad. Insurance company hopefully will hand out the full price of a new bike. But I´m going to report my VIN to the Husqvarna/KTM dealerships as stolen so maybe my bike will show up again if the temporarily owner is smart enough to register the VIN with an official dealership.