Reply To: Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal


Update on bar replacement


This throttle assembly does pull apart simply as the clip was just @ cover. Need t9 wiggle the 2 half’s. The reason I was having issues with the special set screw in the handle bar slide in was because husky never installed them on my bike. So check yours. The bars are coned shaped and when tighten by the primary screw will not move regardless.


However, The cocks clamp ones will not work as the top piece of their design hits the brake  reservoir unless you shave that part down which I did not desire to do. Never the less, I sold the bars on CL in 15 minutes for what I paid for them


I may try the 3 inch wood craft clamp on.  They should work if he vertical riser clears the old slide in hole. Those are 180 dollars




I suspect the the only real professional fix to the too low and forward handlebar issue on the bike  lies with ABM and their way expensive 600 dollar kit


I will keep you all informed


Tattoo Richie