Reply To: Svartpilen 401 Handlebar diameter?


Sasstothefrass. I was able to install the 2” Rox Risers. It is quite a tight fit for the cables but was able to get enough clearance to be comfortable with the cable length. The one area where it presented an issue was in the wire to activate the brake light when the front brake lever was engaged. I realized the addition of the risers had put enough tension on the wire that it pulled the connectors off the underside of the throttle, starter, kill switch assembly. Clearly this is a major concer but I was able to gingerly gain enough slack to reconnect and then place a small zip tie to be sure it would not come loose again. I will end up adding an bit of length to the wire with connections and heat shrink everything just to be sure it will not happen again. While there is likely to be some variation from bike to bike in the length of cabling, I was able to do mine without impedance other than noted. As for the risers, I love them and it helps with this old back and short arms.  Hope this helps.