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Leave your 02 sensor in place. It is the air intake temperature sensor that is replaced with a (booster plug) this provides for a controlled fuel air mixture in all ambient temperatures. Standard ECUs are set within certain parameters to pass emissions test and such like. The temperature sensors are normally located within the air box, and operate best within pre determined parameters, with this system the  intake air temperature sensor is located at the front of the motorcycle directly in the air flow ensuring optimum air fuel mixture in all temperature conditions. Read the article by Jens Lyck :  for all the technical information on fuel injection systems.

I have had one fitted to my VFR1200F for the last year, running a Delkivic race pipe and the bike runs perfectly no snatching, smooth, revs out quicker just much better to ride than before it was fitted, so to fit one on the White arrow is a no brainer.

I will keep everyone updated on how the bike runs over the next few months.