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Hi Vafalo,
Sorry for the reply in English my french is shockingly bad.

I had problems with both dust and condensation in my 401’s yogurt pot lid instrument cluster. With the dust I managed to get the unit replaced under warranty but then started having problems with condensation on the second one (I didn’t bother getting it changed again).

I was told it was a sealed unit but on closer inspection I noticed there are 4 screws on the underside of the unit once you remove it from the holder on the bike. You could try taking it off , undoing those screws to get the plastic top off and give it a wipe.

It seems a real design flaw in the yogurt pot lid that the gap around the edge lets moisture in but then cant seem to let it get back out. I’ve just traded in my 401 for a 701 and the first thing I have done is put insulation tape around that gap.

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