Reply To: Should I get a Vitpilen?


I have 3 bikes right now and have had many before that. The vitpilen is really no less reliable than any of them. There are some issues (clutch slave failing I would guess is the most common) but it’s a first year model. If you like the bike I really wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you are far from a dealer to do warranty work.


If your commute is lots of highway the cb650r is going to be nicer (more upright ergos, less vibes, IL4). It’s also going to be faster. Honestly it’s a great bike, the 2019 update was good. But the vit is just fucking cool man. And very light which is great if your commute is town. And handles like a dream. Really, the handling is sick. It shreds in the canyons.


Let me put it it this way. The vitpilen has a lot of soul. The cb can’t touch it in that department of you care about that.


You should def ride both, ideally on the kind of roads you commute on. As to your question, I would buy it again. I ride it the most of all my bikes.