Reply To: seat height


Since you have been away from it; I would think you will have to take (or retake) the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation training) and your DMV skills test to get a license. If you were to do the training, you may be able to ask for a bike with a seat height of 830mm (same as the Vitpilen 701). When I took the course, they had a variety of bike types to choose from. You could see if you could adjust to it.

Additionally, there will be an aftermarket lowering kit I assume; or as someone suggested, get a knowledgeable modifier to do the lowering of the bike professionally.

As much as anyone, I realize the importance of being at ease on the bike. Finally, you just might also consider a Triumph Street Twin or Ducati Scrambler. Both are somewhat retro, but possess modern technology and the seat height is a good 50mm lower.