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I am returning to riding a motorcycle after 25 years. The last 10 years every now and then I get the bike fever and look in to the current proposals from various brands. There is nothing on the market that gets me excited. Most bikes these days have a design language that doesn’t inspire. I like some bikes from ages ago, but don’t want a retro-bike. Enter the Vitpilen. None of them charmed by the design as did the Vitpilen. Besides that, I  also read some very good reviews about the bike as a whole package.

Not riding for 25 years, is like starting again. If I would get my feet flat-foot it would mean a lot. I saw there is a kit for the 401, but I think I will outgrow that bike quick. Also, the aesthetics of the 701 are much more to my taste. At the dealer I saw a 401 that was custom painted in dark metallic grey (black-ish). This uplifted the bike a lot, but it doesn’t make sense financially with a 701 around.

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