Reply To: More clutch issues!


Ok, so i had same on my 701 since mile 1000.
Im now at 8800, and it chugs a whole reservoir in 8 clutch pulls. No drips at all. Never ate fluid when it was 1st stalling. The slave cylinder (on crankcase, left side) is leaking into the crankcase. As there is no dripping yet it drinks fluid like crazy. Take her in and get the slave cylinder replaced under warranty. It took me like 3 trips to dealer to get this fixed. And honestly it was my own troubleshooting to solve it. Like you, it started out stalling w clutch in, but not consuming fluid. It was getting air through the crankcase via a leak, and eventually youll notice it chugging DOT4 fluid and stranded. Nipp her in the budd.

The lightness, the pumping, all verbatim with mine. Dont wait man, get her to dealer and DEMAND a new slave cylinder under warranty. Unless your clutch perch is pouring fluid then its the master. Also try bleeding air 1st. There is a bleeder on clutch (looks like a grease fitting) bleed it 1st, then bleed the slave on crank. I can type up procedure if needed. If that doesn’t work tell your dealer to replace slave cylinder Good luck bud!

I told husqvarna that im gonna smash it with my 323f cat excavator and freight the pieces to their customer service center in murietta CA LOL
needless to say, they never called me back that time lol
Good luck man.