Reply To: Too many issues : Selling my 4Kkms & 5months old Svartpilen


Hi All,


ended up pulling the trigger and getting one. It’s no rocket like my previous GSXR – 1000, but it will do. I have also faced issues with the engine cutting shortly not even after a week or two of owning it and have collected the bike today. They hadn’t found anything despite my claim and can’t seem to replicate the fault of the engine dying when simply pulling in the clutch lever and or downshifting.


They said they’ve checked all the electrics and that they can’t replicate the fualt so I’m going to do my best to try cycle the gears to see if I can find any.


Aside from that the bike seems to putter along just fine, fingers crossed it doesn’t occur again, however in the event that it does. I hope there is an actual “fix” or solution that they are going to have to come up with, rather than simply looking at the logs on the ecu (which they found nothing) and just visually inspecting the cables/connectors. Hate to become an unfriendly person as a result of this continually happening but if it persists I will seek to get a refund or replacement only because an fault like that can be fatal for myself.


Fingers crossed.