Reply To: I called 5 exhaust manufacturers about their plans for the 701…..



I don’t, but I have a rough idea. On most bikes it seems to be ridiculously loud, even with the db killers in. Apparently on bikes like the Vitpilen or the Duke, the “breadbox” presilencer seems to do most of the silencing. So I assume it’s not going to be too loud in our case. I found a test where they had it on a Z800 which has a very different motor but a similar exhaust setup. In this test the Hurric, as most other mufflers were actually less noisy than the stock exhaust.

That being said, I am afraid that without removing the presilencer (and cat at the moment) it’s going to be really hard to get nice sound out of the vit. I’ll report once I tested the pipes.

In other news, Remus let me know that their new exhaust is not going to be an underfloor version, as it’s going to be so beautiful you won’t want to hide it. Let’s see what that means…