Reply To: Engine / ECU shut downs?


Well since my last post I have finally got a Svartpilen which I picked up 2 weeks ago. I’ve only done 200kms and have now just faced the issue of the engine cutting out upon just pulling the clutch in as well as downshifting. I notice my feet aren’t anywhere near the gear selector so I believe.


I’ve called my dealer who said for me to bring it in. But was wondering if anyone has since found the issue. I know fueling isn’t an issue as I only put BP 98RON which is some of the best premium fuel you can get.


I’ve noticed that my dash and electrics are still on so I can hit the start motor button on the fly. Today when I started my bike I also realised my text screen filled up with arrows pointing to the left.  Similar to this:




Anyone who has both trouble shooted the problem and fixed it do let us know. I am suspecting a sensor issue but don’t know exactly which or what is causing it.