Reply To: Custom air intake for 390 KTM big gains expeted !


@Elbastos : For now my bike is modded like this :

-DNA Air filter

-Mivv suono pipe (decat), stock muffler

-power commander 5 with a custom map made by a tunner ( first map for the Vit he said : Worldwide 🙂 (joking) ). My bike is also equip with something that cut the signal the from the lambda probe.

The air box isn’t shipped yet so i couldn’t tell you anything about it 🙂 (look for CDN duke’s post on the 390 forum, he has tested it). Concerning the low rev, i’m affraid there’s no gain with this mod.

If you’re looking for torque you should look on the ecu side (Cobber, PW5 etc…) and if you’re only looking for torque, i think you can stay with the stock parts (filter and exhaust). I will go for the coober in that case : from what i understood it is “tailored” for the stock bike.

: I’ve seen that you have a cobber and work closely with them.

From what i understand, the cobber is a fixed map richer than stock ?

How the cobber can adapt the AFR with new parts ? When you say that the injector is the limiting factor, this is make me thinking that the cobber is able to send a signal that is using the full capability of the injector ?

I a kind of a newbie in those parts and i tend to think that the PW5 offers much flexibility ?  ( and way less reliability )! I’m a bit lost !