Reply To: ECU MAP ?


@ Rod Frost : The 2017 390 and the Vit are almost the same bike. So you can install parts for the 390 on the Vit.

I’m 99.9% sure the power tronic will work on the Vit.

@ Vp-1 : It’s great to see a dedicated specialist here 🙂 ! I was aware of the loss at low revs but i’m (still) hoping that the overall gain worth it :-).

For the gearing, i think the 15*45 is already a bit short.  I plan to go for a 16*43, i know i’ll have to use the clutch in 1st but the 6th is definitely too short for my crusing speed during long trip. ( i’d like to lower the rpm by 1000 at the same speed)

To cover the loss of the air box, i hope that the control of the cloosed loop will give me the “sensation” of torque by running the correct AFR when i’m not full gazz ( tipically a town situation).

I also study the possibility of installing a non o-ring chain with a chain oiler. I think there are some noticables gains here, especially on small engine like us (I love this one at 1.10 min : (a non O-ring chain is also lighter 😉 )

If you do a custom pipe, i’m naturally interested, don’t hesitate to share it here  :). I’d love to know how to do that by myself !