Reply To: 30 miles from new and a transmission problem

Razvan Turtureanu

Hi Tim, I really think that you are not experiencing clutch slipping rather a “false neutral” (the shifter slips between gears because of a loose spring) which is a known problem for this engine, it happens on the Duke 690 as well. So, you can have the spring taken care of, or, push it harder into 5th, it seemed to cure mine… it only happens between 5th and 6th, otherwise it should slipp in every gear, especially in lower gears, when torque is greater…

Although it can be annoying, and even dangerous (if you are overtaking), it’s not that big of a mechanical problem.



this is a video for false neutral: “”

this is a video explaining the problem on the Vitpilen: “” see video at 24:50 with subtitle, or… if you know german…