Reply To: Custom air intake for 390 KTM big gains expeted !



Definitely interested in this one. Did you already install a piggyback (or Coober or any other fuel controller) or will you be installing both at the same time? Do you know if there are special maps available to cope with the extra air? Did you consider going all the way and also adding a decat pipe?

I find that the performance gains of an ecu only (whatever brand) are not really significant on small engines like the 401’s (just a personal opinion), but with an improved air intake we start talking serious business.

If I look on GreyArea’s website, I am not sure to read the graphs correctly and I would be interested to compare the results with the stock engine, but it seems to me there is a lot more torque coming lower in rpms (as soon as 3.000 if I am not mistaken).

Anyway let us know when you have installed this thing, I am sure all are pretty interested in the results.

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