Reply To: Paint care Vitpilen


My new Vitpilen 401 arrives in 8 days. Although the tank sides are matt, I’m going to go ahead and wax it from day one. I’d rather the sides are a bit gloss than scratched. As long as you just use wax you should be able to get it off if you really don’t like the look. Don’t use polish though as that will actually be irreversible!

I use Bilt Hamber Cleanser Fluid ( to clean off excess wax and I’m sure it’ll take all the wax off if I want to. Make sure you don’t use the similarly named Cleanser Polish. 🙂

Another reason for me using wax is that I wear black Dainese leathers and they can leave dark marks on light paintwork. It’s going to be much easier to clean up a wax surface than try to get black dye out of matt white paint.