Reply To: Engine / ECU shut downs?


Thanks for the reply Svartpilen410. Looking to trade in my current gixxer for a one of these nippy things to cruise and putt around town with. Just wanted to make sure it’s a good bike as I intend to keep this for many years.

I think the biggest thing for me would be the service of not just the staff servicing but Husquvarna’s main corporate body doing things behind the scenes to remedy these fixes and not trying to dodge the bullet by not taking responsibility.

It looks like I’m gonna give it a shot and pull the trigger, I would only ever ride on 98, so I cannot see the fueling being an issue. So I guess I do hope that I don’t get the issue but if so, that it is simply as easy a fix as repositioning the battery.

Looks like a lot of sensor issues and not so much┬ámechanical issues which to me means they won’t be too hard to replace the sensors etc, and not caused due to the poor mechanical components which does let me rest at ease a bit.


If and when I do get one, I’ll report back.

Thanks again