Reply To: Engine / ECU shut downs?



If you read through this thread you will see a couple different issues, with mixed opinions on what is happening. I can only speak for what I’ve specifically experienced.

1. My main electrical issue was a result of my weight on the seat causing damage to the battery. Husqvarna replaced the battery under warranty, and the tech rerouted the terminal cable connectors so that the seat would not rub on them. That issue hasn’t been a problem since.

2. I had my clutch cable fray and snap. I believe this was caused by poor routing of the cable from the factory, and they zip-tied it down with too tight of a bend radius. Husqvarna did not replace this under warranty, but it was a cheap fix, and the husqvarna tech tried to route the new cable better. We’ll see if this is a problem in the future.

3. I have had the engine cut out when downshifting and blipping the throttle to rev-match. There are mixed theories for this one:

– ignition / temperature sensor issue. apparently someone on this thread saw something in their diagnostic logs to suggest this. My tech did not find anything in my logs.

– bad quality gas.  don’t think I buy this theory since I only ever put 93 octane in my bike.

– clutch cable stretch. I have not seen the engine cut out issue since I got my clutch cable replaced, so maybe the stretching of the original cable was causing weird clutch engagement issues causing stall / cut-out.


I listed all of the above to say that sure, there are new bike problems, but they aren’t a big deal. The bike is really fun and I ride it all the time without issues. My dealer is also an hour away, but I’ve only been there three times in 2500 miles since buying the bike. Once for the first break-in service, once for the battery replacement, then one more time for the clutch cable.