Reply To: Best way to achieve this build


Thanks for the ideas @S_Esquire. I didn’t think of drilling the the top triple clamp but after consideration it might not be the smartest move because :

1. The Vitpilen’s top triple clamp is very narrow. Drilling area is super small and tricky, would have to do the holes on edge of the bent part… Doesn’t make me feel really confident safety-wise.

2. As you say, the original Vitpilen clamps would remain empty. It think it would look wrong.


I guess I’m going for the ABM handlebar kit that @Tim also pointed out. Seemed expensive at first but compared to the OEM  triple clamp setup price + cables, it’s the best value and less of a hassle to get the different parts.


I hope the Vitpilen switches and the clutch lever will fit easily on the new bar without additional mods other than the ABM kit. I know I will have to use some shims since the Svartpilen handlebar has a 25.4 mm clamping area and the ABM kit has 28mm clamps, but other that it should be simple 🙂