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the mirrors look incredibly well! The optics and haptic is so much better than the original.

Why I mounted them is that I love the hand protectors (see below). Because of this – and because I HATE bar end mirrors made me think about an other option… ;->

THE bar end...

@the mirrors:
I haven’t driven the 701. Of course I don’t expect to see anything else as my hands/arms. – I don’t need mirrors but I have to mount them as law makes me to… 🙁

Acording to the muffler: As even the Acrapovic seems not to sound to well I am thinking about “modifying” the main muffler (*) and keeping the original “Endtopf” (*sorry, I don’t have a translation for it… 🙁 ).

I’ll have to spend some exploration on how to get the right sound. Leovince I think has a “Mitteltopf(*)” for the 701, don’t they?

I’ll first ride and see.

der Eratosthenes

P.S.: (*)

“mittelschalldämpfer” == middle silencer?

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