Reply To: Dealer CAN adjust A.F.R. – LEAN


@George – Impressive! I’m an instrumentation, Process control technician and familiar with program & code so your speaking my language. But, not gonna lie, that’s a touch over my head for a quick read. but I get the jist of what your saying.

I AM curious as to how you know the Analog signal type and scale for the 02 sensor? not doubting you at all, just wondering where all this technical info lives. Bc I’m in search of similar knowledge on a different electronic point of control on the bike. I kind of doubt that the service manual is that in-depth.

I figured this was a pipe dream, and I’m probably going to rename the post. Was thinking of taking it down when I realized that this isn’t going to happen, but your write-up is so informative I feel others will benefit from it as I did.

Thanks for the info!