Reply To: Something ground off from engine casing? (Picture request)


Unfortunately we’re in rural Australia so taking it to another Husky dealer is not an option, the next closest one is a 6 hour roundtrip, but we have been back to the dealer that sold it to us multiple times to get them to check on things we think could be abnormal, asking questions and just generally looking over their floor stock model to pick out changes and mods. They have been really good about it. We’ve no reason to believe they’re deliberately trying to decieve us or anything. They definitely said any issues are covered by warranty and we’ve done our best to document the bike as we purchased it to try and cover ourselves there.

It’s just that whilst being a good price for this bike, especially considering almost $2000 of accessories, it was a bit of an impulse buy, far more expensive than a lot of other really nice, proven reliable, more powerful bikes we were considering.. Almost double our intended budget and about triple the price of any vehicle I’ve ever owned in my life. It’s the only time I’ve ever bought anything from a dealership as I’m a strong believer in the “once you leave the dealership driveway you’ve thrown away a couple thousand $$” addage.

Supposedly the previous owner traded the 401 for the Vitpilen 701 because he liked it so much and is bringing all the original 401 parts for us as part of the purchase, was really the deal clincher TBH so we’d have a spare plastics set to get wrapped/custom painted. That hasn’t eventuated yet (he lives even further out of town, 2 hours away, and is waiting on some backordered 701 accessories to arrive in the dealership before he makes the trip)

Mrs Esquire really loves it so hoping it works out for the best and just trying to learn as much as possible about the bikes to get the most out of it for our $$ and her enjoyment.

TL;DR – Part anxiety on my part over an expensive impulse buy, part lack of experience with dealerships, no suspected foul play though, also large part simple curiousity about the bike in general.

Looking forward to contributing more here, this forum has been so invaluable already.