Reply To: Too many issues : Selling my 4Kkms & 5months old Svartpilen


Plop updating, just in case someone’s looking for info :


I didn’t get my Svart back, didn’t want to, though. I demanded a full refund, since the bike always manifested some flaws. Husqvarna kind of gave me the finger by telling the dealer to “just fix the bike as many times as needed, as long as the bike is under warranty, but no refund, even partial”.
My dealer was Husqvarna and Suzuki certified and had an exemplary reaction : they got the Svart back and gave me a brand new SV650 (2018) at no costs.

Since I still see them from time to time, I got news frow the Svart and the few other -pilens they sold : the ABS failure cause was never formally identified, but the bike found a new owner and went to Paris. Got luck to him.

A Vitpilen 701 they sold broke out, engine shut at 7km. Yup, you read it right. The clutch sensor died at 7km, shutting the engine down until it was replaced.
The Vit401 had the same problem of shutdown at downshifting due to the ignition sensor failing randomly, etc.

This atrocious reliability is scandalous, considering the price at which these bikes are sold.
They look and feel stunning, but for fuck’s sake, what a scam.

I’m crossing fingers, hoping that those of you ex-fellow owners don’t meet any issues.

Drive safe, all of you