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Update: after epoxying the magnet, it worked well. However the switch failed shortly after. no matter where i put the magnet on the switch. Husqvarna sent me a new switch.

  • I heat shrunk it all neatly and hid it under the frame. Im coming up with a dongle (deutch connector) plug to delete all this noise. I have already tried a few different resistors, and am waiting back to get a proper diagram on the circuit because discerning which wire is signal is strange bc it isn’t a binary switch, and if it is, i have never seen a non-analog field device that gets power on 2 wires. (Plus ground) One of those wires w vdc is signal. (3 total) May try plugging it all up and working the contacts and probing through the insulation bc looks to be impossible to assess the switch without it being powered up or atleast a diagram. Ill let yall know shortly.
  • Btw the duke dongle delete wont work on this, that was the 1st one I made with the same value resistor that it comes with. Ill post some pics shortly
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