Reply To: Gas Leak


Yes my bike started leaking fuel at just over 300 miles. The leak broke down the wiring insulation on the main harness. It took husky 2 months to get a replacement tank and several calls by myself and dealer to get the wiring harness replaced. Tech support wanted them to tape up the wiring. My dealer really went to bat to be able to repair the bike correctly. After receiving the replacement tanks from husky they were in worse condition than the original. Dealer ended up stripping parts from a new vit to get mine back on the road. They also have another in the shop same issue. I travel quite a bit for work and make it a point to stop into husky dealers this problem is showing up across the country. While Husky customer support was very nice on the phone it took alot of pressure to get them to authorize repairs for the harness and I don’t really feel the bike is worth keeping at this point. Guess it will go up for sale this spring