Reply To: Has anyone tried to remove the yellow decals yet?


Unfortunately no pics, but yes it looks pretty cool, and I also think it looks way better than the stock yellow stickers – you will also need to remove the plastic radiator covers that are useless and ugly imo. Once removed, it is very subtle and you really need to focus to notice it, although you can feel it with your hand if you touch it – feels like the side panel is slightly embossed (not sure if this is the right terminology, sorry but english is not my native tongue) where the sticker used to be.

For the stickers on the rear, it looks less cool as you will get just the contour of the whole sticker (the one that reads 401 svartpilen if I remember correctly) and it made me think of a wing…but you can also choose to keep them as it looks ok. If you want to have an idea of what the bike would look like without the big yellow stickers but keeping the rear stickers, do a google search on motorino+svartpilen, you should find pictures of side panels that have been repainted without the side stickers, keeping the rear ones, should give you an idea.

Last thing you might want to consider, if you want to go full stealth (or mono colour), is to have the plastic covers re-painted – my local car dealer in France offered me a full repaint for the 4 elements for 300 euros so maybe worth considering as well.

Hope this helps